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The Ebola Wiki is primarily a volunteer effort to gather and share useful information about the 2014 Ebola outbreaks. It's made possible by people like you, who take the time to share information here. It's maintained by a small group of administrators. If you have the aptitude and time and would like to contribute, just start editing!

Participation in this wiki can involve

  • Finding high quality information and linking to or summarizing it here.
  • Ensuring the information submitted by others here is high quality and well cited.
  • Sharing information about your ebola related project or initiative here.

Why this wiki is useful

  • As this outbreak spreads many new people will want to know how to contribute and look for consolidated and useful information.
  • Wikipedia is a great resource, but contains a lot of contextual noise and restrictions on what can be posted. That noise and those restrictions need not exist here.
  • News and government public outreach are great resources, but have a high barrier to entry for people wanting to get involved.
  • If you're working on an Ebola related project, this is a forum for you to share successes so that others may build off of them.


The software is entirely open source and hosted on cloud services. Information collected on the wiki is available in openly readable formats here.


After the end of the ebola crisis the wiki in it's entirety might not be maintained but will be archived and downloadable for analysis or sharing indefinitely.


At this time no outside funding is necessary nor is it anticipated that it will ever be.